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Free Download PC Games I.G.I. - II (2) - Covert Strike Full Rip Version

 I.G.I. -  II (2) - Covert Strike IGI 2: Covert Strike (RIP) is a game where the shooter genre in this game you will be faced with missions that require you to defend yourself and kill your enemies. Project IGI 2: Covert Strike (RIP) is similar to Counter Strike split or Marine Sharpshooter, the difference is a mission.
This game is a continuation of the projet IGI: I'm Going On ... Arcade-type game First Person Shooter and fun to play because it has a challenging mission in this game ... the story begins when one is betrayed by his superior intelligence .. . and certainly IGI 2: Covert Strike is a much better picture quality than the Project IGI IGO

David Jones A former SAS soldier, now working as a U.S. soldier with a secret code name of the IGI, Like the original film .. The game is favored by many ... I teman2 Dangerous completing challenging missions, Inside story mileter jones secret operation that is given U.S. by the Government, the remote region is very strong enemy defenses. IGI -2 CONVERT STRIKE, Having Various types of weapons and systems to store, in addition to Based Multiplayer Games This can be TEAMS As the story.
  I.G.I. -  II (2) - Covert Strike
 I.G.I. -  II (2) - Covert Strike
 I.G.I. -  II (2) - Covert Strike

The game's protagonist, David Jones, an agent working for the Institute for Geotactical Intelligence and former British SAS operator, was sent to the Carpathian mountains to recover a set of EMP chips stolen by a group of Russian mafia from a high-tech US facility. After HALO jumping and infiltrating the weather station in the mountains and retrieving one of the EMP chips, his mission director (Phillip White) commands him to go to retrieve the remaining EMP chips so that the IGI researchers can launch a full scale research on the chips to determine their real usage against the thieves. He then goes to the bridge and destroys it. Then in the production facility he gets half of the EMP chips. After this incident, he is betrayed by his pilot, Robert Quest and mission director, Phillip White as they take the EMP chips obtained by Jones. After a series of events, he eventually finds himself at the borders of Romania, where he is then forced to evade the incoming border patrols.

Meanwhile, his former pilot and mission director had escaped. The IGI was not able to detect their whereabouts after the incident, but spent enough efforts to get an important detail that Phillip White had made several weapons and military deals with Jach Priboi in Libya. Under Anya, his new mission director, he sets off to Libya and searches for the middle-aged Priboi, who had been locked up by the Libyan Intelligence as he was supplying weapons to the rebel forces.
  I.G.I. -  II (2) - Covert Strike
 I.G.I. -  II (2) - Covert Strike
 I.G.I. -  II (2) - Covert Strike
After rescuing Priboi and escaping out of the Libyan prison, Priboi states that all the information which David needs is in a safe in his villa, which was at that time being used as a command center by the Libyan general, Major Zaleb Said. David decides to go to the villa to get the information. Surprisingly, after expunging much effort and going through many of gunfights, Priboi discovers that Major Said had taken his papers and he then vows angrily to take them back. He tells David to take control of the helicopter in his airbase not far away from the villa in order to confront Major Said. They get the helicopter without much conflict, and manage to gun Major Said down amidst the confusion and get the papers back. Upon returning to his villa, Priboi tells David that the trade he made with David's former mission director was in a seaport in Egypt.

David sets off to the port without hesitation, and discovers that Robert Quest and Phillip White were actually cooperating with an unknown country to operate the chips. David kills his former pilot in the before mentioned seaport, and takes a ekranoplan to the unknown country and ventures off to the Spratly Islands near China, where Anya states to be running suspicious activities throughout the time. What Anya said was quite true; David found his mission director cooperating in secrecy with a Chinese general, whom he found out later to be General Wu Xing, who plans to use the chips to blindfold US intelligence and cripple the powers within.
  I.G.I. -  II (2) - Covert Strike
 I.G.I. -  II (2) - Covert Strike
 I.G.I. -  II (2) - Covert Strike
Later David finds his former mission director Phillip White killed by General Wu Xing himself, as the former accused the latter of killing his friend Robert Quest, who was actually killed by David at the Egyptian port. In Wu Xing's secret weapons lab, David Jones gets to know that the General was going to start a "World War III". He then engages in a gunfight with Wu Xing killing him.

After some chaos and confusion, David tracks the entire plan location to a large and closely guarded rocket launch pad, where Anya asks him to disable the system immediately before the launch is made and causes an international incident. With efforts, David then succeeds in preventing the rocket from heading towards its programmed destination and to detonate somewhere safe. Finally, he prevents a major disaster from occurring, and the world is once again safe and sound.

 I.G.I. -  II (2) - Covert Strike

 I.G.I. -  II (2) - Covert Strike
Recommended Requirements
  • Pentium or Athlon 1.2 GHz
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 64 MB DirectX-compatible video card

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