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Free Download PC Games Point Blank Offline (PB) Full Rip Version

Point Blank Offline (PB)
Free Download PC Games Point Blank Offline (PB) Full Rip Version - We know that Point Blank is one of the most loved FPS games in Indonesia. Gameplay This game is very interesting and very challenging, because a player required to really become a good shooter. Graphic of this game was fairly good. But unfortunately in PB often garnished with the Cheater, thus making the player restless really use skill. Cheat has a lot of hanging around on the internet, and almost every day Cheat latest updates are always available on the internet. In addition, this game is also online, which means that in addition required to have adequate computer equipment, we are also required to have at least 128kbps internet access. It is certainly not going to be a problem, if you have both these conditions.
This game is perfect and is also highly recommended for those of you who have a limited budget or want to save the cost of the cafe, and also who want to deepen the skill to play the game Point Blank.

Point Blank Offline (PB) Historical point blank

Establishment of Free Rebels

Increasing numbers of immigrants who do not get a job and expelled from society, so to survive the immigrants and then perform a variety of crimes from robbery to drug trafficking. Criminal action is developed into an organized movement to form an organization called Free Rebels. The goal is not to control the entire trade in drugs and weapons across the world and to create fear for the community.
Formation of CT-FORCE

Due to conflicts with immigrants is widespread, the government decided to set up a special organization to deal with the terrorists. Since establishment of this organization, they begin to seek information and the existence of a terrorist organization called Free Rebels.

In line with the growing terrorist threat, the government then sent the best troops that ever existed in the government who then came and joined and renamed the CT-FORCE (Counter Terrorist Force).
 Point Blank Offline (PB)
 Point Blank Offline (PB)

System requirements:
-Windows 2000/XP;
-Pentium III / Athlon 800 MHz;
-128 MB of RAM;
-DirectX 9.0c-compatible video card with support for T & L 32 MB;
-DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card;
-DirectX 9.0c;
-1 GB of free hard disk space
keyboard, mouse.

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