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Free Download PC Games Texas Holdem Poker (Offline) Full Version 100% Work

texas holdem poker free download pc gamesPoker is a family of card games that share betting rules and usually (but not always) in the hand rankings. Poker games differ in how the cards are dealt, how hands may be formed, whether high or low hand wins the bet on the fight (in some games, the bet is divided between high and low hands), limits the bets and how many rounds of betting are allowed. In most modern poker games, the first round of betting begins with some form of forced contract. Action then proceeds to the left. Each player in turn either must comply with the maximum previous bet or fold, losing the amount bet so far and any further interest in the hand. A player who matches a bet may also raise, increasing the bet. Betting round ends when all players have either matched the last bet or folded. If all but one player fold on any round, the remaining player collects the pot and can choose to display or hide their hands. If more than one player remains in the fight after the final betting round, the hand will be shown and the winning hand takes the pot.

How to play

The sequence of combinations of cards are as follows:

1. A higher value card will beat the cards whose value is lower.

Value of the card 2 to be inferior to 3,

3 lost to 4,

4 lost by 5,

and so on ...

10 lost to J (jack)

A less with Q (Queen)

Q lost by K (King)

K lost by A (Ace) (in poker, A could be number 1 if you want, which means the lowest value). This type of card does not influence at all.

For example, card by card Heart J J Shovel (Spade) there same. If value 2/more players have the same value, then the card is seen both, whichever is higher value. Ex ; two players have

texas holdem poker free download pc gamesThe highest card A Heart and A Shovel, then the value is the same. So see the second card. Whichever value is higher? If still the same as well, meaning the series, and the money bet is divided 2.

2. Whatever the highest card value, too, will lose the card combination named "One Pair".

3. "One Pair" inferior to "Two Pair",

4. "Two Pair" lost to "Three of a Kind",

5. "Three of a Kind" inferior to "Straight",

6. "Straight" lost to "Flush",

7. "Flush" inferior to "Full House",

8. "Full House" lost to "Four of a Kind",

9. "Four of a Kind" inferior to "Straight Flush",

10. "Straight Flush" inferior to the "Royal Flush",

"One Pair" = a pair of cards. For example: 2-2-7-9-J

"Two Pair" = there are two pairs of cards. For example: 2-2-7-7-J

"Three of a Kind" = there are three cards of equal value. For example: 2-2-2-7-J

"Straight" = value cards in sequence. For example: A-2-3-4-5

10-JQKA (if QKA-2-3 can not, because it is not consecutive,

because here A be the number 1 which is the lowest, while

into the Ace is the highest).

"Flush" = All cards are identical, and its value is not sequential. For example all five cards are cards Liver.

"Full House" = One pair of cards and three cards each. Combined "One Pair" and "Three of a Kind". For example: 2-2-2-7-7 or 3-3-J-J-J.

"Four of a Kind" = 4 cards of equal value. For example: 2-2-2-2-J

"Straight Flush" = All cards are identical, and value respectively. For example, all five cards are cards Heart, and its value is 3-4-5-6-7.

"Royal Flush" = same as "Straight Flush", but the highest value.

In other words Flush is the best combination. For example:

all five cards are cards Heart, and its value is 10-JQKA.

If there are two players got the "One Pair", then see where the pair the highest card value. For example, 2-2-7-9-J, defeated by 3-3-5-7-J. Because the value of 3 is higher than 2.

If there are two players got the "One Pair" of equal value, it is seen another card, whichever is higher. For example: 2-2-7-9-J, defeated by 2-2-8-9-J. Because the value of 8 is higher than 9. 2-2-7-9-J inferior to 2-2-7-9-Q. Because the Q value is higher than J.

And so on, as did the combination of cards. For example: "Straight" A-2-3-4-5 lose to 3-4-5-6-7.

When there are two players have a combination of value and the same card, then bets divided by two. For example, one player gets a 2-3-4-5-6, and Other players also got 2-3-4-5-6, then a tie and the bet divided by two.

So again, the sequence of values ​​of the lowest combination of cards are as follows:

- The highest value card

- One Pair

- Two Pair

- Three of A Kind

- Straight

- Flush

- Full House

- Four of a Kind

- Straight Flush

- Royal Flush

texas holdem poker free download pc games
If you know the sequence of combinations of poker cards, and how the game how? There are various ways to play poker system, including No such thing: "Texas Hold'em Rules", which is like this:

- Suppose there are 4 players. One player, two players, three players, and players four.

- Each player will take turns to be "dealer" (dealer), alternately clockwise. For example, player one becomes "Dealer", then he will distribute the cards later.

- Before the cards are dealt, two players left of the dealer put chip / bet, called the "Ante". "Ante" is the first smaller than the "ante" is next. For example: one player is the "dealer", then the player to his left, let player two, put her Ante 5 dollars, and then another player, that player three, some 10 dollars. "Ante" is also commonly known as "Blind Bets".

- A collection of chip-chip in the middle of the table for hereinafter called "Pot." - then split card, each player get 2 cards. 2 cards are called "Private Cards" / "Hole Cards".

- Then after the card seen (players can not see the card's other players, should see his own!), the player to the left give the player a second ante, to "bet" the first time. In the case of This is because the second ante is give the player three, then the conduct "Bet" is the first time four players.

- "Bet" is a bet, can "call", "raise", or "fold"

- "Call" or "Stay In", meaning he'll come around, by putting amount of money bet by other players who wager the last time. In this case the 10 bucks.

- "Raise" means he'll come around, put the stakes, with a value of higher stakes (higher than the previous bet, in this case is higher than 10 dollars, for example, he put 20 dollars).

- "Fold" means he will not come to play. So he did not come bets, and close the card.

- Then followed the player to his left again, want to "call", "raise", or "Fold", and so on.

- After that, three cards split open and placed in the center of the table, begin to place a bet that the second round.

- As before, the players alternately make again "Call", "raise", or "fold", starting from the player to the left of the give ante to two earlier. Cards in the center of the table is called "Community Cards ". And the round is called the "Flop".

- After that, the card is opened one more card "Community Cards" that fourth. This is called the "Turn Card" / "4th Street"

- Followed by a "bet" or bet again as before.

- Then the last card "Community Cards" is opened again, this is called "River Card "/" 5th Street ".

- Followed by a "bet" or bet again as before. It is The last round of betting.

- Then the players unlock his card, and combine cards with a card that looks at the table, forming a five card best combination.

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